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Employer Branding 

The know-how  of your employees is essential for the potential succes of your company. In a few industries  qualified talents are so sought after like in the IT- and communications industry. The turnover costs are increasing as well as the salary levels. Employee motivation and -retention as well as success in recruiting have become a competitive factor in the labor market. 

It is no longer just the big companies of the industries using company pension schemes as an interesting design tool for their employer branding. But more and more also small and medium sized companies and startups.

In this context it suits the company that the offer of a COMPANY PENSION SCHEME (LINK) (CPS) does not neccessarily cause costs. Because an interesting and motivating employer contribution of up to 40% of the own net investment of the employee is cost neutral for the company. 


Gone are the days when simply a foosball table has put the employees in a good mood. Many companies have reacted and offer as much quality of working-life and work-life-balance as possible. These different offers naturally cause (sometimes significant) costs. 

But what about ?

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of your team members? This is exactly where NXT.LVL comes in and supports your positioning as an attractive employer. Because intelligent employees have a right to expect intelligent retirement solutions which offer more than a standard company pension scheme. And also the increasingly used freelancers can take advantage from different benefits. The NXT.LVL-company pension scheme offers to companies of the industry advantages as no other company pension scheme in Germany:


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Cash Back - Shopping for your wealth building

With the option Cashbacks on Online Shopping NXT.LVL is the only company pension scheme offering team members the possibility to improve significantly the cashlife-balance for later retirement.

This is that a teammember can receive cashbacks on all online purchases at more than 1200 German online dealers. The cashbacks are credited to the CPS account and will generate investments income.

And a free mastercard (if desired).

NXT.LVL – The turbo for wealth building

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Within the NXT.LVL aftersales-service the whole administration of a CPS can be outsourced free of charge to the consultig firm. Your HR will not be burdened with time.

Online consultation

During the Corona pandemic NXT.LVL offers to the employees online webinars and individual online consultation which are tailored to the workflow requirements of the company. And if desired can happen also during the evening hours.

Legal certainty

The contracts of the NXT.LVL-company pension scheme  correspond of  course to all labor-, corporate- and insurance-law requirements.

From those employees who – for whatever reason – decide against the CPS the consultants will seek a declaration of waiver to ensure legal certainty for the company.

Well established consulting firm

Since 2002 the consultants of the NXT.LVL-company pension scheme are exclusively specialized in company pension schemes and are known to have high social skills.

The consulting process itself has proven with over 80 client companies. In feedback questionnaires  your employees can (voluntaryly)  judge the team presentation, the one-on-one consultation and the personal skills of the consultant. So you receive from the beginning a feed back of the resonance to the consulting process.

Industry discount

The NXT.LVL CPS includes for your teammembers a discount based on the size of the company which is also interesting for smaller companies of the industries. The discount is valid too for the familiy members of your employees.

Leading insurance partners

The supply partners of the NXT.LVL-company pension scheme are among the premium league of the German insurance industry. The product approach always focusses on the security of the capital investment for the employees.

ESG compliant investment

Among the products offered are also investment possibilities that meet all requirements in respect to ESG criteria (environmental, social, governance). 

One of the offered fonds invests exclusively into wind- and solar-energy and can prove an ROI of 8,5% p.a. since launch in 2018 (6-22).

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We connect

Companies  and Teammembers

7 Minutes 
that advance your employer branding

Get to know us in a short online meeting. Within 7 minutes we will explain to you the unique advantages of the NXT.LVL-company pension scheme for your company and your employees. After submitting your request we will contact you by phone or by mail to arrange an  online appointment.


Get to know us in a short online meeting. Within 7 minutes we will explain to you the unique advantages of the NXT.LVL-company pension scheme for your company and your employees.

After submitting your request we will contact you by phone or by mail.