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NXT.LVL aimes to provide  companies in the IT-, communications- and media industries with special added value in all areas of company pension that no other pension scheme in Germany offers.

In the field of employee supply this is implemented via the options cashback on online purchases, ESG conform capital investment, the possibility of occupational disability insurence (OD) with only one health question and premium refund if OD does not occur. 

Shareholders, board members, managing directors and c-level executives  enjoy a special position in the company. They live corporate responsibility and their retirement provision can be largely regulated by the company.

With  NXT.LVL various value added supply solutions are available for this group of people, such as “provident fund” or “basic pension”. They should for various reasons be reserved for this group.

7 Minutes 
to boost your individual utility services

Get to know us in a short online meeting. Within 7 minutes we will explain to you the unique advantages of the NXT.LVL-company pension scheme for your individual utility services. After submitting your request we will contact you by phone or by mail to arrange an  online appointment.