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Option: ESG konform capital investment


This Indian wisdom became known in Germany in the 1980th after the Green party first entered the Bundestag. Since than the world population has increased from 4,7 to 8 billion.

And also the number of  younger employees in particular for whom ethics, ecology and sustainability is important in the capital investment of their company pension scheme. More than 60% of German investors of all ages already find sustainable investments attractive. It is noteworthy that the proportion of those who would like to invest in sustainable investments but do not know how, in 2020 has also increased to 60%.

(Source: market research institut Forsa, April 2021).

When the NXT.LVL-pension scheme -was first designed in 2017, we foresaw the need for sustainable investments and implemented appropriate options corresponding to the ESG criteria (environmental, social, governance). We had not foreseen that the topic of ESG today dominates the entire investment market, not only company pension schemes and not only in Germany.