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- Cashbacks for your retirement


NXT.LVL offers the option to collect chashbacks at more than 1200 online dealers in Germany (status Dec. 21). Here only 42 of the dealers as an example. The cashbacks will be at approx 4% of the net purchase value. They will be transferred to your retirement account to generate capital returns and create additional old age wealth.

In addition with your NXT.LVL  contractual no. you can apply for a free master-creditcard and collect another 1% chashbacks on all your creditcard turnover, no matter if online or stationary purchases (e.g. restaurant, petrol station a.s.o). 

Also your familiy members can collect cashbacks with your contract no.

That´s how it pays off 


The result above shows you the capital you have built up simply through cashbacks on your online purchases in addition to the expected CPS pension capital. Not taken into account are the additional cashbacks which you will receive by using the free Mastercard. 

The result is a ca result based on the following assumptions:

  • Average cashback earned on online purchases: 4%
  • Annual inflation 2% (target of the EZB)
  • Annual increase in consumption between age 18 and 35: 2%

       between age 36 and 67: 1%

  • Annual interest: 4,5%
  • Capital payment at age 67 (stututory retirement age).